How do I buy New Construction?

Once you have answered the When, Where and With Whom do I build/buy the next logical question is HOW?

Understanding the buying process is critical to creating the confidence necessary to proceed.  NCCconsultants will apply their years of experience to help you understand the process…..a process that is different when considering existing homes or custom build jobs magnified by the infinitely different systems and processes employed by each respective builder.

NCC consultants will successfully navigate you through:

  • Contracts, Counter-Offers and Addendums leveraging their experience to predict points of stress and protecting you through the careful documentation (in writing) of items that are agreed to, clarifying ambiguities.
  • All meetings, adding value to the conversation by helping you to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and making sure that we get PROMPT ANSWERS so that you can make TIMELY DECISIONS.
  • The financing process – by referring you to reputable lenders that have a proven history of putting YOUR NEEDS ahead of their financial interests. 
  • Closing 
    1. Setting and attending WALK-THROUGHS
    2. Identifying and addressing quality issues by recommending reputable home inspectors, referring to industry accepted practices and relying on experience derived from having done this literally thousands of times.
    3. Leveraging relationships with builders and our reputation for professionalism to your advantage when questions arise.
    4. Advising and auditing the closing process, serving as a check & balance with regard to the Title Company & Lender.
  • Assisting with warranty items that occur post sale – being your advocate to make sure that you receive prompt customer service. 

BUILDING A CUSTOM HOME tailored to your specific needs and wants can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of home ownership.  NCC consultants have an extremely detailed understanding of how the Treasure Valley’s Top Builders conduct business and we pride ourselves on being prepared, organized and dedicated to our clients best interests.  

NCC leverages our relationships with the areas top builders to the benefit of our buyers in terms of time, money and architectural vision.  Because we have literally been through this process HUNDREDS OF TIMES we can map out the process so that it BECOMES PREDICTABLE and MORE FUN!!!!