Where Should I Buy?

This question is fundamental after you have answered THE WHEN!  The principals of sound real estate investment involve a careful blending of personal motivations/needs with an awareness of the market opportunities that will allow you to achieve your goals.  As in all things, this process begins with the following questions:

What can I afford? 

  1. Price | Taxes | Maintenance | Time
  2. How far can I afford to commute both in terms of time & money - SEE MAP
  3. What schools do I want my kids to attend - RESEARCH SCHOOLS
  4. What size of home do I want/need?
  5. What size of yard/acreage do I want/need - RESEARCH HERE
  6. What type of architecture do I appreciate - LEARN ABOUT STYLES
  7. What kind of floor plan do I want - SEE FLOOR PLANS HERE

    These are the core questions that must be answered to make an intelligent buying decision. Matching the answers to market opportunities is the trick and making you aware of the variables that either add or detract to these goals is what NCC offers you.

    NCC consultants will apply their years of experience in matching your buyer profile to market opportunities, optimizing your investment decision through an awareness of external variables like:

    • Community viability
    • Developer performance
    • Builder team cohesiveness
    • Marketing team viability
    • Architectural planning & vision
    • High tech investment
    • Energy Star and Green commitment
    • Open spaces and landscaping
    • Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

    To name just a few!!!!!

    These variables are the behind the scenes info that can mean the difference between a smart and a poor decision and are often overlooked through the laser vision that buyers often have when they think they have found "THE DEAL".

    When considering New Construction and/or building your dream home, NCC consultants take it to the next level by considering other variables like:

    • Builder/buyer personalities
    • Builder/buyer expectations regarding:
      1. Quality
      2. Communication
      3. Contracts
      4. Changes
      5. Finances
      6. Warranty
      7. Adherence to dates contractually spelled out
      8. Overall organization

    NCC consultants know through experience that only about 10% of the population has the ability to conceptualize their architectural vision and that the other 90% need examples of style & floor plan ideas as reference to achieve their vision.  By capitalizing on our extensive knowledge of the areas finest builders we can efficiently guide you through this process.  

    Our clients DO NOT need to spend valuable time:

    • touring homes to eliminate candidates
    • figuring out who the key players are in any given community/development
    • Identifying who you can trust with a lifetime of savings

    We understand that this is one of life biggest decisions and we will work hard to earn your trust, while applying our knowledge to your advantage in terms of cost & time management. 

    We encourage you to look at our services as a more efficient means toward the goal of achieving your new home dreams!!